Fake Extortion Emails

From: Sofia Mayson []mailto:davey@lentaua.com]
Sent: Tuesday, 15 August 2017 11:43 AM
To: sucker@----------.com.au
Subject: ZDI: [sucker@---------.com.au] 15 Aug 2017 01:07:15

I just wаnt tо hеlр yоu be morе cаutiоus. Hello You as well as everybody have been warned many times.
But, obviously you didnt use internet carefuly. wtf?- U are thinking right now. The whole point
is that I placed the malicious soft on a website with videos for adults (site with pоrn content) (u know whatsup).
Sacrifice was watching video for adults and device tarted operating as dedicated desktop with keylogger function.
Moreover all cameras and screen instantly started recording. Then my software got all your contacts from
messengers, e-mails and social networks. So whatsup? I created the split
screenvid (1st part-screen record(you have a nice taste lmao), second- camera rec.)and all your
contacts. Hence I suppose that three hundred fifteen usd is enough for ur little false.
Here is My btc(cryptocurrency) address - 12pRJwZfZKi3RZa2eFijVCjmjCbB1YcXXXrA Ask internet how to use it. It isnt
very hard. Just write "how to buybtc" I give u 1 day after reading this message(I put a tracking pixel init,
Ill see when you open it). If I don't recieve my btc Ill send video with you to all your contacts
Upon I get bitcoin- the сompromising evidence will be deleted.If u want me to show evidence, reply yes and Ill
sharevideo that I made with 3 contacts Ive collected from u.

Can go to police, but finding me will take longer than one day, im from Kazahstan, so you will be a star among friends.

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