You are receiving this email from us as we want to keep our customers computers safe by keeping you informed of potential threats/risks to your computer through Ransomware and to let you know about new products that we are now selling in our store.


Ransomware can cause you a lot of headaches and heartaches if your computer is infected so please be aware of fake emails being sent from AGL, Australia Post, Origin and the ATO. If you see an email from any of the above DO NOT OPEN IT – just delete the email. You can check if the email is fake by looking at the link embedded in the email. If you hover your mouse over the link you will see that the link doesn’t go to the actual website eg: I received an email from “AGL” this week to advise me of my latest bill with a link “View you paperless Bill” this link when I hover over it does not relate to AGL in any way, shape or form, the link has with other letters and numbers at the end of it – this shows that the email is not from AGL.

If you are unsure of any emails with a link in them just DELETE the email. This is especially true when you haven’t subscribed to them.

Please ensure that you Backup your computer on a regular basis so that if you are “infected” then at least you will have a recent backup of your information and files.






New Products in store now


Virtual Reality Headset $44.99


© Cable Chick

Experience mobile games and videos in three dimensions with this lightweight virtual reality headset.

Your phone simply slots into the universal clips inside the headset and becomes the screen for your viewing experience.

Includes Bluetooth remote control.  Compatible with Android and IOS Devices






WiFi Smart Switch $39.00


Switch your Appliance on and off from anywhere using your Smartphone or Tablet

Set up Multiple timers to control time of day your powered products are on/off

Connects Wirelessly to your Router

View devices power usage via App








AO-TK6S_Front_BLU-750x750[1]Bluetooth Tracker $19.99 ea

(avail. In Pink/Blue/Orange/Green)

Never lose the things you love, the things you need, or those items you can’t live without. Download the LASER TRACKER APP to your smartphone or portable device and keep track of the things that matter to you. Pair the LASER TRACKER tracking device to that item and should they become separated you will be alerted. If you lose an item, you can track where and when you had it last. With the easy to use map you can find items quickly and get back to your day. The user friendly device is the smart companion for all things you can’t stand to lose. Or track your phone from LASER TRACKER with a simple press of the tracker button





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