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You are receiving this email from us as we want to keep our customers computers safe by keeping you informed of potential threats/risks to your computer, your online experience and keep you aware of new developments.


This month we want to highlight the growing threat of Scam Phone Calls


You will NEVER be called by Microsoft or “Windows” alerting you that your computer has a virus. If you receive a call from someone claiming to be from “Microsoft” or “Windows” they aren’t, they are  scammers.


The scammer will tell you that they have been alerted that your computer has a virus and they offer to fix it then and there, I know that no-one likes being without their computer whilst it’s being repaired,  so you may be tempted to say “yes”. If you do say “yes” the scammer will take you to what is called the Event Log in your computer where the scammer will show you the “Error and Warning” Messages  – the Event Log records all the events that occurs on your computer, it doesn’t send messages to Microsoft. If a message pops up asking if you want to send the information to Microsoft, it has NOTHING to do with viruses.  Some critical events ask if you want to send the information to Microsoft for additional analysis, but it does not include your name, phone, contact details or any other personal information.


The scammer will also ask you to open your internet and type something in, what you are actually doing is allowing them access to your computer where they can go through all of your files and may even see your passwords,  especially if they install a “Key Logger” at the same time. A “Key Logger” is a program that stores the key strokes that you have used to access your bank accounts and/or anything else they want to find out. They will also ask you to pay them straight away either by bank to bank or credit card.


I cannot stress highly enough that you DO NOT let them into your computer.


The easiest thing to do is say that you don’t own a computer, even if they say their records show that you do. Some of the scammers get really aggressive and quite rude, this is just a bullying tactic so don’t be taken in. There are no records kept of everyone that owns a computer along with their phone number etc,, so please don’t be fooled.


You can always have a bit of fun with them if you are that way inclined or have a look at youtube.com, just search for scammers to see the sort of thing they will try.  This one is from a Victoria (Texas USA) Police officer, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f4sy2-SMhL8. (Click on this link to watch).


Have you seen this……..



Leader 2-in-1 Convertible Companion


14” Full HD Touch Screen

Convertible. You can tent it (see pic), or use as a laptop or as a tablet

Intel Quad Core / 4GB RAM / 64GB SSD

Bluetooth / Wi-Fi / USB Port /HDMI Mini /Card Reader

Windows 10 Home / 1yr Warranty






Office Chairs


Aerocool ThunderX3 TGC15 Series Gaming / Office Chair - Black/Blue


All day comfort – Padded Seat with neck and back cushions.

Adjust seat height/ Rock / Lean back (up to 180°)

Sturdy Metal Base / nylon Casters / Supports up to 150kg

Different models and colours available. Black, Blue/Black, Red/Black, Green/Black, White/Black














Navig8r Crash Cam

Full HD Wide for professional and every day drivers

Capturing continuous video footage – enough to decipher number plates, street signs and faces.

Record high quality video at 1920 c 1080

Large 2.7” LCD Screen allows you to see more, playback is clearer with onscreen menu

Connect to a Full HD TV via HDMI

wide 140°field of view

Records automatically when it senses movement and has an “Auto bump file record” so if you get hit the recorded video is automatically saved and protected









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